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Filler Reversal

Patients may desire to undo their filler for a variety of reasons. If you’ve had filler and aren’t happy with the results or just want a second chance, B.TOX.BAR. offers a filler reversal service.

What Is Filler Reversal And How Does It Work?

There are a variety of reasons why people may want to reverse their fillers such as the results aren’t exactly what they wanted, they want to minimize the look of their results or they’re simply looking for a do-over on their injections.

Once injected, hyaluronic acid-based fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane may be reversed with injections of the hyaluronidase enzyme. This enzyme may be injected to dissolve the hyaluronic acid granules. This provides patients with a way to reverse their results if needed.

Should Patients Wait Before Reversing Their Filler?

In order to reduce lines and wrinkles, increase volume to the cheeks, temples, chin, and jawline, or smooth out wrinkles and lines, HA fillers draw in and retain moisture. The negative effects of HA fillers are often mild and consist of bruising, edema, or slight redness. When filler is injected incorrectly, in excess, or for other reasons, the results are sometimes not cosmetically attractive, necessitating filler removal. After your filler injections, it is suggested to wait around two weeks since the problem can go away as the substance settles. Otherwise, you may have a process called “reverse sculpting” done.

Reasons To Consider Reversing Fillers

There are a number of reasons why you may choose to have a reversal treatment. Reversing your fillers will effectively reverse the conclusion and restore your face to its natural look, regardless of whether you have encountered adverse effects or are just dissatisfied with your results. Reversing dermal fillers is most often done for the following causes:

Dissatisfaction: Either the filler did not generate the expected effect, or you are unhappy with the results.
Wrong Position: Inadequate positioning might provide an unexpected or unnatural-looking outcome.
Over-injection: Too much filler may give the appearance of being “overdone.”
Asymmetrical Results: Results that are asymmetrical indicate that the filler was applied to your face in an unnatural manner, disrupting the contour naturally.
Lumps: Although uncommon, dermal fillers may cause lumps or bumps to appear on the face.

Discoloration: Light to dark blue discoloration, often known as Tyndall’s effect, may emerge if the filler has been injected too superficially into the skin.
Infection: The filler may result in an infection or granuloma, which would need its dissolution to stop the infection from spreading.
Emergency Arterial Occlusion: Although uncommon, a filler injected too closely to an artery may block it, leaving the skin pale, white, or mottled, which indicates a lack of blood flow.

What Makes B.TOX.BAR. The Best Option For Filler Reversal In Los Gatos

At B.TOX.BAR. in Los Gatos, we provide our clients with top-notch dermal filler reversal when the outcomes fall short of their expectations. Your filler reversal will always be expertly carried out by our aesthetic professionals in our clinic. To discuss a dermal filler reversal procedure, contact us right away by giving us a call or filling out a contact form!


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