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Acne Treatment
Los Gatos

Do you experience hormonal or sporadic acne breakouts? Our treatments at B.TOX.BAR. can help target your acne prone skin to help clear and prevent it from happening again in the future.


Acne often results from excess oil production, clogged pores, bacteria, and hormonal fluctuations. Peels and facials exfoliate dead skin cells, unclog pores, and reduce oiliness, preventing acne formation. Steroid injections target inflamed cysts, reducing swelling and promoting healing. Extractions remove comedones, preventing further breakouts. These treatments collectively address acne by targeting its root causes—excess oil, bacterial growth, and inflammation—while also promoting skin renewal and preventing future flare-ups.

What Are Acne Treatments?

Never underestimate the usefulness of an acne treatment or facials if your acne is causing you stress. Acne treatment in Los Gatos is a fantastic way to target acne-prone skin issues and provide the relief that your skin needs. They’re also the finest approach to guarantee that your skin is clear and radiant. Through treatment such as facials, peels, or lasers, our acne treatments can help control your acne and reveal beautiful and clear skin.

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What Can Acne Treatments And Facials Do For You?

  • Quickly removes obstructions by concentrating on pore congestion.
  • Focuses on signs of acne, such as imbalanced skin flora that causes abundant sebum and shine.
  • Provides a solution appropriate for all skin types.
  • Helps troubled skin gradually look better over time.

Our Acne Treatment Options In Los Gatos

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a tried-and-true method of treatment that our experts use to enhance the overall look of their patients’ skin. There is a good reason why many specialists are recommending chemical peels for such a wide variety of common skin problems. Depending on what you are looking to address such as mild hyperpigmentation or fine lines and wrinkles, or are simply looking to give your skin a much-needed refresher after your acne breakout, chemical peels can help. This acne treatment in Los Gatos target the skin layers to address acne at different levels, ultimately peeling your skin to reveal a fresh layer.

Whitehead And Milia Extractions For Active Acne

Exfoliation and extractions are both efficient methods for acne treatment in Los Gatos. Even while milia often goes away on its own, if your bumps persist for more than six months, extraction may be your only option to get rid of them completely. Milia may be challenging to get rid of since they are so little and concealed by the skin. Although it may be tempting, we highly advise avoiding picking or popping at home since it may cause scars, infections, and irritation. Visit our experts who are skilled in milia extraction instead. The obstruction is often released by making a minor incision with a little blade or needle. To keep the skin robust and hydrated, they may then use further treatments for the absolute best results.

Steroid Injection For Acne

Injections of cortisone are a fantastic treatment option for acne that is severe, persistent and deep in the tissue. Acne that is severe often results in the development of cysts or nodules on the face or in other regions. Nodules are solid lesions that are often painful and are found deep beneath the skin. Acne that affects the deep tissues of the skin may be quite painful and can linger for months. If untreated, it may result in scarring that is irreversible. Injections of cortisone provide quick relief that is also effective in treating breakouts at a deeper level, allowing the patient to address them before they get worse.


Facials can improve the appearance and health of the skin. Facials typically consist of cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, extraction, massage, and the application of a mask and moisturizer. The cleansing step involves removing any makeup or dirt from the face, while the exfoliation step involves the removal of dead skin cells. The steaming step helps to open up the pores, making it easier to remove impurities during the extraction step. A facial massage is performed to help relax the facial muscles and improve circulation, while the mask and moisturizer help to hydrate and nourish the skin. Facials leave the skin feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and glowy.


Acne scars develop from severe inflammation, resulting in tissue damage like atrophic or hypertrophic scars. Microneedling creates micro-injuries, stimulating collagen production and reducing scar depth. PDO threads lift depressed scars, encouraging tissue regeneration. Fillers restore volume, smoothing out uneven skin caused by scars. These treatments work by triggering skin remodeling, encouraging new collagen growth, and improving texture, effectively minimizing the appearance of acne scars for a smoother complexion and more even skin tone.

Treatments To Reduce Acne Scarring In Los Gatos


The process known as microneedling, also known as collagen induction treatment, involves making very small puncture holes in the top layer of your skin using very thin needles. This non-invasive acne treatment in Los Gatos generates micro-wounds, which in turn encourage your body’s natural wound healing process. The end result is skin that has the appearance of being much younger, as well as increased synthesis of elastin and collagen in the treated regions reducing acne on the skin.

PDO Threads

PDO threads are a very popular and extremely efficient treatment option for fading acne scars. The threads are positioned under and around the scars, where they immediately begin to act to smooth the skin and stimulate collagen synthesis.

Fillers For Acne Scars

Dermal fillers, sometimes referred to as soft tissue fillers, are gel-like, biocompatible substances derived from natural or synthetic ingredients that are injected under the skin to treat volume loss and skin laxity brought on by aging. Fillers for acne scars operate by restoring lost volume, smoothing out abnormalities in the skin, and filling in and elevating depressed regions.


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Find Out Which Acne Treatment Can Help You In Los Gatos

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