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Let’s face it, part of the reason you’re here is that you’re curious about Botox but you’re scared about the what-ifs. A lot of the fear is based on wrong assumptions and misinformation. We all know at least one person ( friend/celebrity/Aunt) that had a bad Botox job, and it’s only natural to think that could happen to you as well. Don’t worry we’re on the same page, every client we treat we aim to give the most natural result.

Here are the Top 5 Fears

1. Unnatural Results 

This is the biggest fear among our clients. We’ve all seen the frozen face and the spock brow. The truth is, it’s not the botox it’s the injector. During your visit at B.TOX.BAR. we will discuss your aesthetic goals and deliver your desired look. We always say “less is best”. You’ll feel right at home, no need to worry about pushy injectors or injectors trying to flood your face with botox to make an extra buck. We are honest and reliable injectors with years of experience. Most of our clients are through word of mouth and that speaks for itself.

2. Scared of Unwanted Side Effects

Most people report zero side effects. However, temporary side effects include redness, tiny bumps and pinpoint bruises at the injection site. Other side effects may include brow droop or unevenness which can be corrected. Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures with over 6 million procedures performed every year. Rest assured that it’s safe to get botox.

3. I Don’t Need It

When you’re ready let us know! You can check by looking in the mirror. Frown and raise your brows. See any lines? Then you could probably benefit. Botox is popular for preventing rather than having to treat aggressively later.

4. It’s Expensive

The average cost is about $350-$600 every 3-4 months depending on the client. That’s about $116-$200 per month. Most of us spend that much or more on coffee or dining out. Looking 5-10 years younger, that price tag looks priceless.

5. I Don’t Want Anyone to Know

What happens in B.TOX.BAR. stays in B.TOX.BAR. What we love the most is hearing about all the compliments our clients get. Must be that new skincare line or an extra hour of sleep. Look good = Feels good

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